Kayimii® Complete Polygel Nail Extension Kit

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How to Get Perfect Nails in Minutes!

Imagine how great it would be to be able to create perfect nails, easily, quickly, and without any stress,

everyone looks at them to admire them, and at least once a day someone asks you in which beauty salon you do your nails...

But instead...

Your reality is different at the moment, to get at least a decent result you are forced to go to a beautician, with whom you take forever and sometimes they don't come out as you imagined,

And we all know how important our nails are for our self-esteem.

Relax, Kit Kayimii is the perfect solution for you!Â

A Salon at Your Home!

With Kit Kayimii® you can have your nails looking like you just left the salon, quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.

Do Not go Unnoticed

A group of American students did an experiment with 110 women to see if men really notice women's hands. The experiment consisted of sending each of these women out onto the streets of Miami for two days, with and without gel nails.Â

the first day they had to walk around without any kind of nail polish or gel nails, a neat but common appearance,

On the second day, they came out with nails created with the Kayimii® kit, so they were more worked and looked healthier and brighter.

The results were surprising...

Thanks to surveys, it was found that 91.5% of women with second-day nails were not only more comfortable and confident but also attracted much more attention from men.

Get The Style You Want!

If you really thought that's all it would be, you're wrong... Kit Kayimii® allows you to have the nail style you like best, vintage, basic, glamorous, etc...

Durable and Very Resistant

The Kayimii gel kit enhances the beauty of natural nails and makes them stronger by preventing them from peeling. They can last up to 2 months, maintaining their length and strength.

Premium Lamp

With its compact and sophisticated design, the UV lamp is the ideal tool for drying gels, acrylic gel, and nail fibers.

Works with all types of nail gels, with super-fast drying.

Easy to Use

1) Step

File the nail surface and choose the mold that best suits your nails.

2) Step

Place the acrylic gel in the mold and use the brush to distribute it to the desired size.

3) Step

Place the acrylic gel on the nail surface, so that it sets well, and then leave under the lamp for 1 minute.

4) Step

Remove the mold and file the nail to remove the extra edges, after which (if you wish) you can add the desired polish.

What do Our Customers Say?

Why Buy Kayiimi®?

✔ Perfect nails in minutes.

✔ Durable gel.

✔ Say goodbye to brittle nails.

✔ Save more money.

✔ Easy to use.

✔ You will feel much better about yourself.

✔ Premium lamp.

What Does the Kit Contain?

1 Lamp (pink or white)

. Charger for the Lamp

. Tubes of Poly Gel

. 1 Nail mold kit

. 2 Nail Clippers

. 1 Nail File

. 1 Cuticle oil

. 1 Paintbrush

. 1 Cuticle pusher

. 1 Slip solution

Purchase Information


1) Does the lamp run on a charger or battery?

R: The lamp works with a charger (included in the kit).

2) Can I use other nail polishes over the acrylic gel nail?

R: Of course! You can put any kind of nail polish on top of the acrylic gel.

3) How long should I wait under UV light?

R: At least a 1-minute waiting time

4) Shipping time?

R: The time can vary from 5 to 25 working days, depending on the postal services of your city.

5) Are the materials resistant?

R: Yes, all the materials of Kaymii kits are very resistant.

6) If I don't like the product, can I return it?

R: Yes, you will have 7 days once it arrives, just send us an email to info@kayimii.com and one of our operators will contact you to proceed with the return.

7) Is the online payment system secure?

R: Yes, we use an ultra-secure platform for our site, we ensure that all data shared with us is safe and secure and treated with the utmost confidentiality.

8) How can I track my order?

R: Simple! After you have placed your order, our staff will send you a tracking code on your email, simply enter the code on the 'TRACK YOUR ORDER' page to track your order.

9) Will the offer be valid for much longer?

R: Unfortunately not, this offer will remain active until the stock is sold out, after which it will revert to its original price of £59.90 and without the free gel.