To help out, have a look at the detailed procedure:

Registration: you need to register on our site and it is very convenient and fast. Even if you are not currently making a purchase, from your registration you will be able to receive announcements, offers and flash promotions.

IMPORTANT: Check that all the data you have filled in is correct; After you have registered and logged in, it is now time to find the product that most closely matches you or your gift. I bet you will find something very nice, and very different. Choose the item you want and click on Buy.

If you want to choose other items, click on "Buy more products" on the "Action" button at the top right of the page; enter the postcode of your address and choose the shipping method that suits you. If you have a coupon, enter the code, check the total amount of your purchase and click Continue to proceed;

On the next screen, check the shipping address. You can register more than 1 option (you can register your business or home address) and confirm the shipping method. Click on continue;

In step 3, you will choose the form of payment. To pay by card, enter the correct details and proceed. Don't worry! The information on this page is in a secure and confidential environment, according to our security and privacy policy;

Perfect! Keep an eye on your e-mail. All information about your order will be sent via the e-mail address you enter.